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Is there an Order ?

Is there a particular order that the Jerry Cornelius books should be read in ???? I picked up "The final program" and started reading it .

I am a huge fan of the "Nomad of Time" series and really just got into the Cornelius books because Una Presson was in "The Adventures of Una Persson and Catherine Cornelius in the Twentieth Century".
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Love 'Nomad of Time' too. :)

I think 'The Final Program' is the first one? That's the one I read first. Maybe the Jerry fans here can tell you for sure.
As long as you've read the Final Programme the order shouldn't matter too much. I've found that the other books make considerably less sense unless seen through the lense of TFP.
Read the quartet first: final programme, a cure for cancer, english assassin, condition of muzak.

There is a reason to read them in order, as difficult as it is to get to the bottom of why :-)
(uh, I used to have a Catherine/Una icon *shrugs*)

I think I read Final Programme first, but that was more fate than anything else. What else would a father pimp to his teen daughter? My only sensible input is to leave Muzak last in the quartet, it makes a heckuva more sense that way.

If you get hooked there are some ancillary books for which you might like to glom your local 2nd hand bookstore. I know there was a recent "new" short story and some of the compilations have "Firing the Cathedral" (before you try and track an obscure English novella publisher), "the Life and Times of Jerry Cornelius" is solid and "the (new) nature of the catastrophy" just fascinates my inner fanficcer (it's packed with other Jerry stories by the whole posse of cool writers).

Hey, you've probably been to multiverse.org and know all that sort of stuff, so happy reading!
Oh, what did the Icon look like ???

Have you read "dances at the end of time" ?
It was a cropped (and monkeyed a little in photoshop) version of this cover. I never said I was terribly original.

I read some back when at school, but I never got all the way through. I can get enthusiastic about books, but that one failed to capture me. It happens even with authors I get spectacularly dorktastic about. I got "moorcock's book of martyrs" on a recent trip and I really should read that. (My father's bafflement at the prices of old Moorcock books was quite amusing)
fwiw, Dancers may be my favorite Moorcock series. Brilliant stuff. All three of the original trilogy (An Alien Heat, The Hollow Lands and The End of All Songs) are fantastic.