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Elric Movie Talk

In a thread on, Moorcock has been posting, responding to talk about the movie. He said that they are talking about the movie, 300, as an example of the style and color for the movie. This makes me very happy to hear as I think Elric should have something otherworldly-looking about it.

Also, a quote from the producer was posted that gives me more hope of this being done right: "I heard about a fantastic and life-changing British fantasy series of books. I was absolutely stunned by the imagination, daring and intelligence of the books.To me it is one of the great works of imagination in the twentieth century. I grew up on Tolkien but this, to be honest, leaves him in the dust as far as ambition and philosophical depth. At least, that is how I feel, and that is how anyone attempting to film a book should feel - utter commitment."

Reading this, relieved me a great deal. When they originally optioned the series after the big hit of the LotR movie, I feared that the producers would be thinking that Elric should be made in the same style as the LotR movies and that they didn't see how different a series it was. I loved the LotR movies (much more than the books), but if they did Elric in the same style it would be a travesty. LotR is a completely escapist fantasy, so long shots of beautiful forests, mountains and valleys makes sense. Hell, that is the way the books are written. "Look how beautiful this world is! Look how nice the hobbits are! Look how noble Aragorn is! Don't you want to live in Middle Earth in a pretty Elven house? Of course you do!" Right from the beginning of Fellowship, I wanted to climb in the screen and visit the shire. I don't think anyone reads Elric and says, "what a beautiful place. I want to live there."
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