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Michael Kane

I'm rereading 'City of the Beast' for the nth time and I'm sad to say that it doesn't grip me as much as it did when I was younger - much much younger. It was the first sci-fi book I've ever read, it was also the first 'adult' book I've ever read, so... it made a really great impact on me, even though I read it like a fairy tale. Today, as wonderful as the story still is... I find myself somewhat disillusioned with Michael Kane as a character - he's too... heroic. Considering Moorcock's later ventures and later characters, Kane just seems so powerful, so smart, so skilled - so everything. It smells of hero and it's not what I've come to love about MM's characters. Look at Elric, Glogauer (just reread Breakfast in the Ruins too, loved it again), Cornelius... they're all so flawed. So... despicable, sometimes. So... anti-hero.

What are your thoughts on Kane? Do you like him? I mean, I like him as a person, he'd be the kinda guy you'd fall for and not regret... but yeah. He is too heroic. Or I need sleep.
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